PSCA-Punjab Safe
Cities Authority

South Asia Projects:

The Project is equipped with Smart Display Technologies and Associated offices. The Facility is equipped with a state of the art, purpose designed Smart Climate Control system, A Professional Biometric Access System as well as a corporate class Telecommunication system incorporating Smart Phones, Wireless Connectivity and Hierarchical “level of Command” access. The Building is equipped with an outdoor recreational verandah Seating, complete with Sun shade umbrellas, Lawn Tables & Chairs, and installation of synthetic Turf Carpeting.

The Building was designed and constructed as a “Brown Field Project”, and the medium of construction is steel. The total Area covered by the Construction is approximated as 10000 sq-ft. The Project has been delivered as a turnkey solution, with all aspects of design, execution and delivery, including but not limited to Architectural, Structural, Interior Installations, Public Health, HVAC and Exterior Finishing/Landscaping, being delivered by ANS Associates

Safe City Kasur Project

Smart City and Infrastructure project,130+ IPNV sites, 3 OMC centers, 1 PPIC3OMC Centre, 6 JTMS sites, 9 LTE-A sites,

400+ camera along with associated infrastructure, supporting equipment and configuration works

Operations & Maintenance PPIC3
Lahore & Kasur

ANS ASSOCIATES feels pride in serving Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Lahore & Kasur Safe Cities Project which is ranging from Surveillance, Traffic Management, Network Infrastructure, LTE-A 4.5 G Advanced Telecommunication Network and related Police Network 15 Services Operations and Maintenance.

Emergency Help Line 15 & 8787

ANS ASSOCIATES is the key player in advanc key application deliveries to Punjab Police/Punjab Safe Cities Authority with CRMS Customer Relationship Management System called Police Unified Communication and Response Software i.e. Pucar-15 and IGP Complaint System i.e. 8787 Service.

Media Monitoring System

ANS feels pride in developing media monitoring system and one of its first version is successfully handed over to client as our premium client for dedicated end user Punjab Safe Cities Authority. Further versions are in Research and Development with key advance features to cop up with upcoming development around the globe.