About Us

Together we build success.

As industry leaders, we model the highest standards of corporate social responsibility with uncompromising commitment to diversity, inclusion, sustainability and innovation. We do this in collaboration with our clients, partners and communities to build a better future, together.

Looking Forward, Together

Utilizing comprehensive construction knowledge and industry expertise, ANS provides exceptional building services in  markets. ANS maintains an unavoidable commitment to sustainable development, in order to serve society in an efficient and ethically responsible manner through its capacity to create value for clients.

Building Long-Term Relationships That Go Beyond What Customers Expect

We have extensive experience on commercial, industrial, public, private, and public works buildings, Civil , Industrial Engineering works. The key to our successful completion of these jobs is not only superior quality but also our ability to develop and maintain a team approach with the general contractors, the owners, and the architects, as well as with our own employees.

Our Mission

Positioning itself as one of the main players in all those sectors in which it takes part as a means of boosting its competitiveness, maximising value creation in relation to its clients and continuing to attract talent to the organisation.

Meeting the needs of our clients by offering a diversified portfolio of products, innovating daily and selectively investing to increase the range of services and activities offered.

Continuously improving quality, safety and reliability standards in the services offered in order to foster stability and to guarantee recurring income.

Expanding the Group's current client base through a permanent commercial effort in new markets.

Health, Safety & Environment

As a fully integrated professional services and project management company with offices around the world, we operate in accordance with our four core values of safety, integrity, collaboration and innovation. We collectively commit to protect our people, our stakeholders and the environment from harm. maintain a team approach with the general contractors, the owners, and the architects, as well as with our own employees.

Our Commitments

› Contribute to the health and wellbeing of our workforce.

› Drive a robust safety culture to prevent injuries and to protect our people.

› Protect the environment by implementing effective systems and pollution prevention practices.

Our principles

› Demonstrate visible safety leadership which will set the tone for all our operations.

› Comply with all customer requirements, company systems, applicable laws and regulations.

› Consult our people and encourage them to participate regularly in HSE activities.

› Train and support our people and stakeholders to work in a safe and responsible manner.

› Identify, assess and manage all hazards and associated risk levels prior to commencing work.

› Require all relevant stakeholders to manage HSE with standards and practices that align with ours.

› Drive continuous improvement of the HSE management system to enhance performance by establishing objectives and regularlyanalyzing our performance.

President and CEO

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By empowering everyone to speak up and act, we will ensure this policy is fully met.

President and CEO

January , 2022

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