Akzo Nobel ICI,

South Asia Projects:

1.Spray Booth Building, ICI Paints

2.Tin Storage Shed, ICI Paints

3.Noise Barrier Wall, ICI Paints

4.Foam Skid And Shed, ICI Paints

5.Fire Water Tank and Shed, ICI Paints

6.Safety Equipment Shed, ICI Paints

7.MDS Structure and Shed, ICI Paints.

8.New Pump Room At ICI Paints.

9.Design and Execution of Blast Proof Wall At ICI Head Office Near Ganga Ram Hospital.

10.Vetting of the Civil Structure of overhead firefighting system of the production area at ICI paints. 11.Design of new IT office at ICI paints.

12.Additions and alterations of the Raw material’s stores at Ferozepur Road.


− Project Planning

− Project High Level Design

− Project Low Level Design

- Design peer review

− Construction supervision

− Project management

− Construction documentation package (architectural, structural & MEP) during the design development stage.

− Construction supervision during the construction stage.