Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Solutions

ANS services include low voltage, medium-voltage and high voltage electrical equipment and infrastructure, the control and protection of turbine-driven machines and electrical power distribution and protection systems, the control of process automation and other utility plant equipment, including boiler and recovery furnace protection and interlocking systems, compressor control and protection, and water and sewerage plant control and instrumentation.We provide load measurement and profiling, load flow studies, electrical network studies and modelling, and electrical protection system design, commissioning and maintenance. We also provide lightning protection solutions, earthing system solutions and assessments of existing installations.

We Specialize In

  • Electrical Distribution Services

  • Critical Power & Cooling Services

  • Electrical Spare Parts

  • Switchboard Modernization​ Service for Electrical Distribution

  • UPS & Battery Management​

  • Residential and Small Business

  • Electrical Protection and ControlElectric Vehicle (EV) Charging

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Energy Management Software Solutions

  • Home Automation

  • Home Security

  • Installation Material and System

  • Light Switches and Electrical Sockets Network Infrastructure and Connectivity Surge

  • Protection and Power Conditioning

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Building Automation and Control Access Control

  • Building Management

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Energy Management Software Solutions

  • Fire Detection Network Infrastructure and Connectivity

  • Power & Energy Monitoring System

  • Power Quality and Power Factor Correction Sensors

  • Room UnitsValves and Valve Actuators

  • Low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology

  • Medium-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology

  • HIgh-voltage power Transmission and installation technology

  • Power systems technology Integrators

  • Panel Builders

  • Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and Joysticks

  • Switchboards and Enclosures

  • Solar and Energy Storage

  • Grid-Tie String Inverters

  • Residential Energy StorageAccess to Energy Collective Solutions

  • Home Systems

  • Medium Voltage Distribution and Grid Automation

  • Feeder Automation

  • Grid Automation and SCADA Software

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear Components

  • Medium Voltage Transformers

  • Outdoor Switchgear and Equipment

  • Power & Energy Monitoring System

  • Protection Relays by Application

  • Protection Relays by Range

  • Substation Automation

  • Critical Power, Cooling and Racks

  • Low Voltage Products and Systems

  • Busway and Cable Support

  • Cooling systems supplies & services

  • Critical Power and Cooling Services

  • Data Center Software

  • IT Power Distribution

  • Prefabricated Data Center Modules

  • Racks and Accessories

  • Security and Environmental

  • MonitoringSurge Protection and Power Conditioning Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Industrial Automation and Control Contactors and Protection

  • RelaysEnclosures and Accessories

  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

  • Industrial Automation Software

  • Industrial Communication Interface

  • Safety and Control Relays Measurement and Instrumentation

  • Motion Control and Robotics

  • PLC, PAC and Dedicated ControllersPower Supplies

  • Power Protection and Transformers Process Control

  • Safety Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and JoysticksSensors and RFID System

  • Signaling Devices

  • Telemetry and Remote SCADA System

  • Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters

  • Circuit Breakers and Switches

  • Contactors and Protection Relays

  • Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters

Factory Automation

We offer an answer to every question in the field of Automation across industrial markets. Our services include (maintenance) engineering, design and, measuring & control, automation (PLC/SCADA), high voltage techniques, lighting, security and management systems. We apply different software packages and In-Tools to design and calculate plant changes.

Services We Offer

Our Expertise is in measurement & Control (PLC, DCS, SCADA) of Temperature, Pressure, Flow & Level, Control Cables, Control Valves & Process Analyzers.

Our Core strength is our dedicated team of professional Automation Experts. We believe in providing cost effective process control & automation solutions ensuring, excellence, customer satisfaction and safety.

Our approach is not to sell only. We believe in long term satisfaction of customer & for this we have dedicated team services Engineers teams who is always ready to serve customer on site and rectify the problems quickly.

Our Business Spectrum

  • Field instrumentation solutions for process industry
  • PLC, DCS & SCADA Solutions.
  • Engineering Consultancy regarding Automation Solutions.
  • Instrumentation & power cable.
  • Site services (Installation, Testing & Commissioning) 

Instrument And Control System

- DCS, PLC, HMI & SCADA SOLUTIONS Process Control System (PCS)

- Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)

- Boiler, BMS & Combustion Control Systems

- Control & Power Panel Design

- MOR & VFD Control Panel Design

- Plant Instrumentation Design & Installation

- After Sales Maintenance & Support

- Project Technical Consultancy & Management

Design and specification of the complete electrical package for automation projects including:-

- Power circuit design, installation and testing

- Design and installation of instrumentation and field bus cable systems

- Supply and installation of cable containment and support systems

- Design, installation and commissioning of all types of industrial control panels from small junction boxes to large form 4 motor control centres (MCCs)

Let’s talk about your next plan

We have a wealth of experience in Project Planning , Design , Execution, operations and maintenance.